WMB Presents: Music for the Two a.m. Wind Down

I know I've promised a lot of you guys mix cds over the years and never really got around to it. I'm hoping this can be a clever solution. At the bottom of the blurb below is a link to a playlist I've created that you can download and listen to. The theme for this one is "late night" but I've already started to create one for the early morning and perhaps one for the afternoon drive home. Enjoy guys <3


We all love to be out on the scene, giving life and having a ball and, of course, music can make a good time absolutely classic. But on those nights when you arrive home not quite ready to turn in, what do you turn on for the chill-out?

I recently stumbled upon a series entitled LateNightTales. It answers that very question by commissioning artists and DJ's from around the world to create collections of their favorite and most inspiring tracks, all suited for a fabulous late night listening experience.

From their website:

"The idea was to let the world’s best artists delve deep into their collections to create the ultimate "late night" selection. Since its conception [in 2001], we’ve seen the likes of Groove Armada, The Flaming Lips, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, Air and many more step up to produce their own individual take on the concept...Not only is it a collection of the artist’s favourite tracks and inspirations, there’s also a special, and exclusive might we add, cover version included. This is the chance for our compilers to tackle a hidden gem or pay tribute to an idol by creating something totally new and exciting."
(For more information on the LateNightTales series, visit http://latenighttales.co.uk)

Not only do these compilations give brilliant insight into the tastes of musicians I most admire, they have exposed me to artists that I'd never even heard of or would've thought to listen to.
With that in mind, I've decided to dig through my own music library, create a similar playlist and deliver it as a n.s.a.* love note to you fine young peoples. There's something in it for everyone, from A Tribe Called Quest and Nina Simone to Iron & Wine and Mr. Airplane Man. Also, each volume in the original series features a spoken word track and, as stated above, a cover performed by the compiling artist. Therefore, I've added to this playlist a poem piece by Gil Scott-Heron and a reggae version of Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" performed by yours truly ;)

*Except for the condition that it is for home use only and will not be burned to a cd and sold for drug money.

Alright, enough jibba jabba! Go get your fill of the fresh musics:
For those who don't like/know how to download stuff, I've got through the little extra trouble of creating a GrooveShark widget from which you can play these songs (with the exception of my cover of Young Folks which I will not be uploading to the website) without leaving the page. You're welcome.

P.S. There are plenty of tracks that didn't make it onto this comp due to a self-imposed 20 song limit. So, if you like what you hear, let me know and there will be a volume two :)

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